October 7th, 2003


How often should I call

Ok so I got that email yesterday.

I have the HR persons card. As I tried calling Friday, as well as this morning. Both times got voice mail.

So the question is how often should I call. Though I think I might have the department secretary's number and give that a try.

I want to get this resolved today So I will most likely be doing one of the first 3. So this pool is more about how often in general one should call. I guess.

Poll #188800 Phone Tag/Phone Rugby/or just plain Phone Harassment

How often should I call to try and get ahold of the HR person

Every hour
Every 2 hour
Once in morning, once in afternoon
Once a day
Once every other day
Once a week
Never again, forget about it you didn't get the job.
Other explain below please

I just really wanted to do a poll. heh

The Day of Diebold harassment

4 calls

First (HR person)-> voicemail
Second (HR secretary) -> Got her said I was try to reach April was told she was away from desk. had her transfer me anyway
Third (HR person) -> voicemail
Fourth (HR person) -> voicemail left voice mail.

Now here is the silly part. If I get ahold of her and find out I got turned down, that will only be 1/3 of the discussion.

The other 2/3s?

1. Ask her about co-oping in spring. I'm still technically a student.
2. Ask about a second job which was just posted on Diebolds site which I think I qualify for.