February 8th, 2004



I think I want to stop watching tv.

Not because of any of the shows. Those I don't mind.

But i'm getting a triple insane amount of commercials that wants me to shoot the tv.

First tis the angst season. A big fuck you out to Kaye jewlers and other sickly sweet Spend your paycheck on jewels for some chance at nookie.

Second, Schmirnoff. Freaking god damn booze comercials. Guy in his apartment. And outside there's all these people. And its like. "This is life calling. Get Out."

And third wonderful ad. Is the latest Zoloft slime mold ad. Where you too can become a featureless blob that looks like every other blob.

Its frustrating. and depressing. Especially when its playing in the background and its the same comercials over and over.
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