March 10th, 2004


Ok i'm disliking dopamine.

Ok so I'm taking Bioinformatics. The course has done jack as far as computer science is involved. Maybe a little in dynamic programing theory. But still our latest project is insane. We were given a choice of one of many dna sequences. We then basically work our way up the human genome.

The dna sequence gets turned into amino acids. Which is turned into a protein. And then there are a god damn lot of questions about the protein.

Then we also find the homologous gene in the human genome. Which in our case turns out to be the D2 dopamine receptor.

Well my group consists of myself, another cs major, and a math/biology major. Well th math/biology woman is ticked off because we are not doing enough. Don't mind the fact that she chose how to divide the work. Nevermind the fact that i'm not sure how well i could answer some of the questions.

But I ended up shoveling a page or two of stuff on diseases and the dopamine receptor.

I so have no clue as to what I had typed as far as accuracy.
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