April 17th, 2004



Well lets see.

School is being a stressor this week. Did terrible on a test. Had grading to do.

Didn't see much of the friends. While not a good thing. Wasn't entirely bad because I got things done.

Got to play a little FFXI. I'm not sure if I posted that I was playing it before. But i've been giving it a go on my ps2 though i'm thinking about upgrading some of my computer so I can play it on there instead.

But i've come up with a set up that I can play FFXI anywhere that I have internet access and a power cord.
I take my laptop and bridge my wireless network and physical network and connect the ps2 to the physical network with a crossover cable.
I then feed the video from the ps2 into a dazzle usb/ video capture card that I got. So I can play ps2 wherever I want.

But as far as FFXI I have a 10th level (though if I die again right now I will be 9th) White Mage and play on the Siren server.

One other fairly big news is that I get to wear my first Tuxedo. I was asked to be a groomsman for a friend at his wedding in August.
So that should be interesting.
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