May 17th, 2004


The weekend wheel of chance.

Friday evening:

Didn't feel too hot, so missed game.


Had around 5 things to possibily go and do. Ended up doing 1 and a half of them.

I met guixian and her dog Sadie. We ended up driving around the parks north of Akron. It was a nice relaxing ride. And was enjoyable to actually meet her.

Didn't quite make it to game. Looked like it wasn't happening so I didn't go. I was wrong.


Played some FFXI. Had my first bad grouping experience.

Had a meeting which I shall go into another post.

Edit: Fixed LJ name. My bad.


Ok basics for those if anyone doesn't know.

I have my B.S. in comp sci.

I've had it for almost 4 years now.

I've worked about 1 1/2 - 2 of those 4 in my field.

I had gotten laid off because of slowness in business and i was last one hired. So was on unemployment for about a year.

Then took a semester of classes. Then started work as a temp at the place I am now.

Then I managed to get a partial assistantship at the university and get most of the work done on my masters.

which brings us to the past three weeks.

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