July 1st, 2004


The past two weeks.

Ok been a while since i had any real post.

When last I posted I was debating on which job option to follow.

There was

$4k a month job contracting
$? a month with my own business
$10/hr manpower job
$1k a month assistantship in fall.

Well I took the 4k a month job.

And it didn't work out well at all. Different programming styles with the other programmer. And the boss while having us work at his house the entire time, provided no guidance as to where the program needed to go. So we parted ways. i probably could of kept the job if i had started shoveling shit. But didn't want to keep going. For being the highest paying job with supposidly the most freedom. It was the most stressful and unenjoyable job i've had. Thats including my work at Hardee's. I don't count the two week blood drawing at a steel press plant to be a job.

So I left last week on tuesday. Got 1/2 a paycheck so I netted 3k from the job.

Speant most of the rest of the week playing FFXI. Level 33 WHM woohoo.

But talked to Barrett, the doctor i worked for with manpower.

And I'm working directly for him as a contractor until school starts up then its assistantship.

Need to talk to Dr. Pelz about research.

So I'm back to where i was about a month or so ago. With some extra cash and most likely a tax problem that i will have to resolve with social security and such.

Sorry if I haven't been very communicative lately.
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