July 12th, 2004


Past weekend.

Well lets see.

Friday was my 28th birthday.

Didn't really do anything. Had a game that I went to but I hadn't really advertised my birthday to friends.

Not really sure how to deal with that.

So was game as usual. Which means we didn't really game much. Which this time was my fault. DM expected us to walk to the next town. So had the trip researched but not the town fully. (town was a couple thousand miles away.)

I realized I had a spell that would let the group travel at like 60 mph for 11 hours a day. (Wind Walk) So he was unprepared.


Went out to see Spiderman II with Jen.
I really didn't care for it. The action scenes were great. And loved Dr. Oct.
But the entire time came across as "Poor me. I have a beautiful girl in love with me. I have super powers. My life is worthless"

Nothing but peter parker whining like a bitch.

Saturday night.

Another game that went nowhere. DM didn't show. Should of stayed home and played FFXI.


Went to parents house. We went out to buffet.

Lack of cake was slightly diheartening. but was probably influenced by the fact that we had cake last weekend for dad's birthday and brother brought home wedding cake last week as well.

Birthday Loot:
$150 from grandma
$50 from uncle.

Parents are getting me a new video card (ATI Radeon 9800 Pro)
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