December 12th, 2004


1/2 way

Ok for those who don't know.

Next week is finals week.

On monday,

Semester long project due For O.P.C.

On Tuesday,

Optimizing Parallel Compilers final

On Wed,
Phone interview for some consulting company

On Thu,

Final for Intro to Obj. Oriented Programming

On Fri,

Meeting with Advisor on my Research.

And current status

So you see that semester long project.....

Well I hadn't really started it until this past week. (And not that heavily until Saturday)

He never collected anything so other projects took priority.

Well I've reached the 1/2 point (1/2 way through the second of three phases.)

Fortunately it looks like Phase II, and III are more conceptual and calculations then grunt work.

Phase I was a pain in the butt as it was building a pre-compiler/scanner/parser.

So i'm going to get a few hours of sleep.

Of course this is going to make me miss an Ohayocon meeting tommorow.

But the meetings tend to be a waist for me.

Good night/morning
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