March 28th, 2006


Still alive and shocked

Jobs taking up alot of time. As does various obligations that i will eventaully recuont.

But it does give me spending cash.

Toys I managed to get and a quick view of them

Eldar Scrolls 4: Oblivion
Looks nice though barely played it.

Kingdom Hearts : Chain of memmories(GBA)
ok but silly card strategy game. Made it most of the way through Sora's story.

Perplex City cards. Interesting ARG found at
Brain teasers computer programinig and general knowledge oh my.

And finally

Kindgom Hearts 2. (though should be 3 since the GBA but i'm not gonna argue.)
3 1/2 hours and i'm still not out of the opening....OMFGWTFBBQ....

And on a final note. South Beach Diet Wraps from Kraft.
Surprisingly good and they are really just Lunchables for adults.
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