July 24th, 2006


Warning very addictive. Tiger Butter.

Ok, you may or may not remember that i do L.A.R.P. campouts.
My character is a crafter-type and one of my profit making ventures is "baking".

And I am well loved (and paid) when I make my "Tiger Butter".

Its really simple and i'll explain the name after the recipe.

Need: 1 pound white chocolate melting discs
1/3 cup peanut butter (smooth or chunky)
1/4 cup chocolate chips (milk/white/peanut butter/dark (eww), any work)
and 1/2 cup of rice crispie cereals.

Add everything but cereal to microwave safe bowl.
Nuke 90 seconds on high (may vary with your microwave).
Stir until smooth. Then mix the cereal in.
Scoop into Petit-Four cups. and Freeze til hard.
(takes 15 minutes approx. to set)
I have also spread the mixture onto candy molds and they break away nicely. but have only done this once.
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Sorry i'm limited in space cause i'm updating through Lynx.

Why its called tiger butter.

Well I got the recipe from betty crocker and I messed up the recipe.

The way you are supposed to make it thus.

Melt the peanut butter/ pound of chocolate/ peanut butter together.
once melted stir in the cereal.

Then spread it evenly on a baking pan.

Next in a seperate bowl melt down the chocolate chips (milk).
then use the chips to make stripes in the still soft pan.

Thus it looks like a tiger stripe pattern
hence "Tiger butter". Of course this effect is ruined by my method of mixing everything together.

But I can still call it tiger butter cause of the reaction the part feline characters in the game (along with everyone else) react to it.
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