December 12th, 2006


Kill me. Kill me now.

Last night I couldn't sleep at all.

So i'm at work and already starting to nod off.

I feel like crap and don't want to be here.

I think i'm going to get this one client out and running.

Then go, "Hey, can I work for home for the rest of the day.

Cause i don't know if i can make it til 4.

7 hours left meh.
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Oh and another wonderful thing from the past 24 hours.

Apparently the insurance denied my claims on my roto-rooter procedure.
Leaving a 2500 or so bill.

Apparently they didn't get a letter i sent them.
About a previous provider.

Apparently They thought i hadn't contacted a primary care physician.
Of course i had gone to a GP first. From what i knew of my policy i didn't have to have him declared as a primary.

But I gave them his contact information.

And it will hopefully be resolved. Of course I have to find a new primary care physician since 1 week after my procedure i got a mail saying.
"Hi we aren't going to be in your network in 2 weeks. Sorry"

I've almost made it through the day. THANK GOD.
Unfortunately i've gotten little done.
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