December 20th, 2006


So I was doing some holiday shopping....

I realized why its safer for me to bake for the holidays.

Besides the gifts being cheaper, I don't end up buying stuff for myself.


bought 2 gifts for others and bought a bunch of manga for myself.

So I discovered something funny.

If you remember a while back I mentioned a show called Densha Otoko or Train Man.
Otaku saves girl from drunk, remakes himself, gets the girl. sorta story line.

Aparently the U.S. companies are starting to pick it up.

Viz is releasing the movie stateside. (Haven't seen it but it has different actors from the tv series.) But anyway while buying manga I came accross these:

1. Train Man: A shojo Manga. Drawn by Machiko Ocha. (DEL RAY)
2. Train_man: densha otoko. (vols 1&2) Drawn by Hidemori Hara ( Viz)
3. Densha Otoko: The story of the Train Man Who Fell in Love with a Girl. (Vol 1) Drawn by Wataru Watanabe. (CMXManga)

And its just odd to find the same manga produced by 3 different artists.
Three completely styles artistically and story telling wise.
Although I've only read #3 above so far, I peaked.

#1 is the complete story resolved in one traditional sized manga.
While #3 and #2 are looking to be a roughly 15 book run. (no clue on the pacing yet. though #2 movies a bit faster.

If I had to pick on of the two series to buy it would probably be #3 based solely on artwork. Though the characters seamed to be drawn slightly longer.
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