August 14th, 2007


Family Tree fun.

Sometimes I wish I had a different family tree so when people asked "What are you?" it would be easier.

Now short and sweet, I'm a cath-jew (cashew). heh

My father is catholic and my mother jewish.

And to make things even more silly, I myself am pretty much agnostic. To give again my short and sweet answer, I have faith in a higher power, but not in a church.

Ah but those are religions not races.

If you want to over simplify, by race I'm 100% Polish.

I'm not sure of the exact city my dad's side came from.

But it looks like my Mom's side came from Tarnogrod in Poland its about 25 miles from belarus
(50°22' / 22°45' ) and came over to America around 1913.

Now if you ask about ethnic group, you might also consider me an Ashkenazic Jew.

So this is the point that is frustrating for me in some sense.

When a person asks what you are. Are they refering to genetics, ethnicity, race, or religion?

Because I have a genetic disposition because I am in a sense an Ashkenazic Jew.
I celebrate Chanukah and passover but I don't attend a church or synagogue.
And its funny that even though being a "Jew" isn't a race, it is as far as discrimination laws are concerned. (Unless that supreme court decision was overturned.)

So i've not got as twisted a tree as some of my past friends saying they are 1/16 this and 3/8 this and 1/2 this and 1/59353535434 eskimo.

I can't even sum it up real well. Without the post going on forever.

Oh and one self-afirmation point. I AM ME. I realize I may or may not be a unique little snowflake. (Depending on if you follow they tyler durden school of thought) And this post isn't about making some life changing decisions. Its about looking back at my history. heh
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