April 20th, 2008


Live from New York..... ITS Saturday NIGHT!

Well I'm in New York at my grandmothers for passover. Didn't really have any plans, just maybe a movie. But the seder was supposed to be at my cousin's new apartment in Manhatten.

Well while looking around, I noticed. Hey there's a comic convention going on in manhatten.I

So I went to NYC Comic Con. Ended up buying some swag for me and friends.

i.e. a SCUD the disposible assassasin figure for a friend.

And a bunch of comics from various sources. Nothing too amazing.

But I did have 3 neat things pop up.

1. Fat Momma was there and tucked in a corner. (The runner up from the first, So you want to be a super hero)

2. I found out that the creators of EVE online are creating a new MMO based in the World of Darkness setting from white wolf. And that they are hiring ALOT of programmers in the Atlanta area. Resume shall be going out when I get home tommorow.

3. Warhammer Online had a booth and I got to play a little. And more importantly, they gave away 20 closed beta keys. And I was the 20th one picked. Woot!.
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