Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

Almost done with move number 2

Well in the past month i've been working on school stuff.

The semester has started up. I'm taking two classes "Object Oriented Design" and "Optimizing Parallell Compilers"

I'm also doing research with Dr. Pelz on Precompilers in Java which will eventually work towards my Thesis.

I've also been put in charge of the labs for Data Structures & Algorithms I (the second course a CS undergrad takes)

Basically I sit in a lab for some time each week and help students out and i'll grade the labs.

About two weeks ago I started moving out of fir hill and managed to get everything out to my friends house. Its a typical college house.

As it was real cheap $160 for a room. I got two rooms. Though I haven't signed a lease because first month was going to be month to month.


Well because I was waiting to see if a friend got a job up here and he did.

So today i moved almost everything of mine to a new apartment. This one more pricey even though it will cost me about the same as the two rooms.

However it is a really nice apartment and not in the college ghetto. I'm out in suburbia which means a 10 minute commute to school now.

Ended up renting a uhaul and bribing friends to help out.

All i have left is my clothing, a tv, and the stuff i normally keep in my car. and some other small stuff which i put off because i'm sick of moving and don't want to go back to the new place because i'd have to start organizing and we don't have cable or internet there until monday morning.

Though i might luck out when i bring the equipment over. might work when we set it up.

There's more thats been going on but i'm gonna play some ffxi since i haven't played for any extended period time for a while.

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