Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

A week shy of 6 months. What happened.

Not so much the blur where things are happenning so fast that they blend together.

But instead the blur where you try to continue or find a purchase to make a change but it keeps taking longer and longer til next you know it months have passed.

School: I've taken more courses than I need. I kept my assistantship for the spring semester got an A and an A-. And managed to write a pre-processor in Ruby.
Let me rephrase that. I struggled through the semester trying to make the pre-processor but finally got it working last week. This pre-processor is the basis of my thesis work. This thesis (which I'm only currently starting the actual writing) is the only requirement I have left to graduate with my Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Money/Work: For the last 6 months i've been scraping by with the assistantship money. I'm basically broke now since the semester is over. And I had the fun experience of having this timeline happen.

Sunday: Buy purchase at sheets on debit card. This puts my checking in the negative.
Monday: Bagel on debit card.
Tuesday: Ditto.
Wednesday:Ditto plus small random purchases. Then I withdraw $60 from the bank and balance reads as Negative $80.

At this point no charges had been rejected nor any notification made to me. So I stop using the card since I had a paycheck on that friday. I wait.

I check my account on friday. My paycheck has been deposited. I'm still in the negative. I was charged 13 overdraft charges. Which was more than my paycheck and still left me negative.

I think I had a nervous breakdown at this point. When I called up the bank to complain, they told me there was nothing I could do, They scolded me for using the term "Crap". Yes even though they had just taken my paycheck I still refrained from yelling, or using actual curse words.

I ended up on the phone with my mom in tears.

I do find myself fortunate that my parents are able to help me in this. They have bailed me out a few times.

Lovelife: I dated a girl, I met on here whom I had friends in common with. I ended up being a lousy boyfriend. Its in limbo now. not even sure where I stand in that.

Friends: School provided to be very stressful as I tried to keep up with everything I ended up dropping out of more and more of my weekly roleplaying games. I'm hoping to start seeing them more often now.

Work and where I am now:

Well i'm unemployed and only able to make bills cause of my parents. The last two or three weeks i've applied to god nows how many positions (probably 300+ at this point).

I've let manpower know i'm looking for temp work again. I've applied at the places I can find accross the country in programming industry, Microsoft, SAIC, video game companies, application companies. IT positions, Programmer positions, what I can find.
So far here is what i've recieved.

Automated response letters telling me my resume is being reviewed.
A email from a recruiter saying "We normally give this type of temp position to locals since the job may only last a week or two and the pay isn't much" -- This about a game testing position in NC.

Primerica was my first phone call. Once I heard the name, I apologized and hung up the phone.

Got a call from New Horizons for an Intern position. Turns out this Intern position would be found for me once I completed thier training courses for my choice of A+, MCP, Cisco certifications. The train would be > $1000. So I thanked her but declined.

Manpower has been a no show. They called me for one temp job which was for a friday/saturday night $8/hr folding linens. They called me shortly before the job would start. I sort of regret turning it down but it upset me that I go in tell them i'm looking for 1st shift clerical/technical work. And they call me for that. My apologies to any linen folders out there.

The only good response i've gotten since the semester is I got a questionnarie to fill out for a SAIC position which means they have actually read my resume and are considering me for a position.

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