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Books and life.

So this weekend I went camping with my brother and his friends. Basically it was the bridal party for my brothers upcoming wedding.

It was nice we went to down to Mohican for canoeing. Though I didn't go canoeing, I did go-carts and mini-golf instead.

But over the weekend I read a couple books. One of which was re-reading A Wizards Dilema by Diane Duane.

And yesterday I was forced to face one of the scariest co-incidences that I have ever faced.

The book deals around a girl dealing with among other things her mother's cancer.

Well yesterday, my mother called.

She has cancer.

She has uterterian cancer (spelling no clue) and is going in for surgery on monday.

Supposidly it isn't life-threatening and they caught it early. But the doctors won't know the extent until they perform the surgery.

I'm still not sure how I'm handling this.

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