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Update and Thank yous

Thanks to the birthday wishers and those who wished my mom the best.

My mom's surgery went smoothly. She is home and is going back to get the staples in her stomach removed tommorow.

It couldn't of gone any better.

As for me. I sort of have a job now. I got it yesterday and today was my first day (Thursday)

I am working for Promsys. which is an IT consulting place. I am working on a project for the Cleveland City Schools.

Apparently I am going to be visiting most of the 145 or so Cleveland schools and helping push ghost images onto the 6000 or so PCs the district has.
The position is called Jr. PC tech. I call it trained monkey work.

I spent the first part of the day waiting in an office with the rest of the Jr. Techs.

Then we went to a school. (Sunbeam academy). Never have I seen so many wheelchairs.

When we got to the school I started helping people. But I sort of realized I was helping the wrong people......

From what I have gathered the chain looks like this.

Cleveland schools hires Some Company to do the push/install.

Some Company develops solution but doesn't have man power enough.

Either Cleveland schools or Some Company sub contracts out to Pomeroy.

So There are people working on the project from the three companies.

CS decides what schools we go to.
SC decides what we do at the school.
Me and my fellow do the grunt work.

Well when we went to the school first thing was getting computers set up (they were unplugged for cleaning.)
I was trying to help one guy figure out why this computer wasn't connecting.

Then I realized the other Pomeroy people were gone. So I tracked them down.

Basically it boils down to this.

I make sure computer is plugged in. I boot from a cd. i pick the computer's model. and see if it gets to a certain screen. if not then i either try and figure out whats wrong or i get one of the other guys.

Its completely mindless. Oh did I mention there's no AC in most of clevelands schools....

Sigh at least its $12/hr. though i'm going to be all over Cleveland.

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