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Yay for information sent through the internet.

First off Fuck you to InfoCision Management Corp.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss InfoCision’s opening for Entry Level IT."

Blah. Blah Blah.

"With only a few openings, however, we are forced to turn away many fine applicants. Accordingly, we regret that we are unable to extend an offer of employment to you at this time."

So after talking to be for 10 minutes with me and making me take the most assine Ass. A. T. test. The have not even deamed me worthy of a second interview.

Next a big STOP FUCKING WITH ME to my current work.

First we were split into groups and sent all over Cleveland to install computer software.

Today we get called back to the data center for a 1 oclock meeting. We find this out at 12. Right before going to lunch.

Oh did I say lunch. No I was finishing up the last computers in the god forsaken school i was at.

So When I got to the data center after driving through rally's and getting to the place. I was 20 minutes late and guess what missed the meeting.

So what did they say at the meeting. We are reforming and splitting up into 2 groups to do the schools as 2 groups instead of around 9 or so.

Oh and btw we were told to watch our emails cause 7 of the temps aren't going to be coming back.
So what a wonderful surprise when I get an email from them. Though its a nice job email and i get to go back tommorow 30 minutes earlier than normal.

Yay. More of this bush league beauracratic bullshit.


U of A is starting to tick me off again.

Post a job in June. Stop taking apps 6/27.

Still no word. Still posted as reviewing applications.

Mom wants me to write an angry letter to proenza (the high muckity muck) if I don't even get an interview.

Basically what good is an University of Akron education if it can't even get you an interview for a position at the school.

It has a feel of a small truth to it but i dislike it as it has a basis of entitlement.


I love how the only job I can get requires the smarts of a trained baboo and for jobs that as far as I know I am qualified.
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