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So after they made us into one large group for a week and a half.

This week they took us off reimaging to do tickets and broke us up into little groups again.

Monday fought with publisher getting it installed.

Tuesday i wasn't feeling well and to get prepped for a metting i had after work I called off.

3:30 rolls around. I get a mass email similar to previous ones concerning the job.

We're fired effective end of day.

Whats funny is the two people in my small group
Danesha found out when she called me to tell me what schools we were going to the next day.

and I got a call from henry the senior tech on thursday letting me know what school he was going to be at. Apparently he hadn't gotten the email in two days and thought nothing of me or danesha showing up.

The meeting on tuesday i postponed til wed so i can figure some stuff out.

I show up on campus on wed. Buildings are shut down cause of flooding. Dr. Pelz of course blames me.

And so I started the rebootingprocess of myself.

I started with my room. My whites have been cleaned. You can see alot of my carpet.
I just have to haul the 7 small trash bags out to the dumpster tommorow along with the 12 empty 12 pack pop fridge packs that i have in my room.

I managed to go get groceries and go see Transporter 2. Good action flick. Bad things if you like reality.
Breaks god knows how many rules of physics broken in that movie.

Another good thing is that I got a call about a job with Phillips Medical. I passed the first round draft and am in process of setting up a phone interview with hiring manager.

Good news in way of World of warcraft. Our guild has finally killed a boss in BWL. Razorgore went down.
Making us tied for second on the server as far as progress goes (1 alliance ahead of us by alot, tied with #1 horde side)

Also found out that I was looking to hard for the replacement fan/heatsink to the laptop. Once I get my final paycheck, I'm gonna order a replacement straight from HP for $30. yay.

Well just noticed the time. time for sleep

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