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Alas I have have died. - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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July 30th, 2001

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05:28 pm - Alas I have have died.
Heh made a carnivore and a herbavore in TechnoSphere for the heck of it.

A herbavore named Godai

a carnivore named Kyouko

Godai had a full life.

And while he left no children he did not die a virgin. heh

Name Godai (ID 1782656)

Born 8.06
Died on 8.35
Age 0.31
Killed by creature 1782228

Top Speed 33.00 kph
Size 1.12 ms
Viciousness 1.10 anger units
Distance travelled 18.79 kms
Total eaten 788.45 kilos
Food gauge 0.00 (1.0 max)
Children 0
Has killed 3

The funny thing is this

Kyouko (ID 1782655) has no kills.

Yes the Herbavore has killed more then the carnivore. hehe

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