Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

trying to regain a grip.

So i've speant the last 4 days cleaning.

Only thing left is laundry and taking out the trash.

This is the first time in the 13 months that i've lived here where my room will be totally clean.

My usual cleaning involved cleaning up the floor. But this time I expanded into the closet.

I will actually be putting my clothes on shelves and everything.

Still not organized though.

I'm still looking for work but i am having the most insane responses.

My cousin wrote my brother that he's looking for a help desk person and have anyone forward him thier resume. So I sent my resume.

I get back a response that was puzzling at the least. He assumed i wouldn't be able to do it cause of school. Which isn't I'm pretty much done with school. Though i list my masters as continuing on my resume.

Says I should be looking for an application developer position.......

Yes I should but i do need to earn money and there aren't any application developers positions.

Then goes on to say how he's probably going to leave his job so if I see any IT leadership positions I should send them to him and he gives me his resume....

Then another job possibility.

I worked on that Cleveland school project. That was working for Company A. Company B actually has the Clevelands school contract and outsourced part to Company A.

Turns out my cousin works for Company B. So I submitted my resume and asked my cousin about if there was someone specific i could send it to.

I send it and get back the response.

"I wish you were proficient in Javascript. I'll keep your information handy in case requirements appear."

I mean wtf. I've worked a little in Javascript. I know the basics even though I haven't done it for job specifically.

I wrote back saying i'd have no problems working in javascript but grr it just frustrates me.

And finally one of the two jobs i may actually get anytime soon.

Applied at Sheetz for 3rd shift to work with Heather.
And tommorow I have a civil exam with Kent State University for a clerk position. Yay basic math skills.

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