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Ok it started out simple.

I want to go to Otakon.

For many reasons.

Hurdles so far.

Actually deciding if i will go. decided

Getting time off. Succeed will be using my first official paid vacation day.

Getting there. No problem I have a decent car and a map.

Crash space. Is fixed. No wait it isn't. It is. no it isn't.

It mind boogling. Since i've waited so long can't reserve a room close to the con center. (Its been sold out for like a month or so.)

So posted to a list or two. No response.

Talked to someone about possible space. hasn't panned out.

but the thing that i was hoping to use as a safety net is this.

Friend of a friend who i've met a few times made like 10 room reservations.

Now because of personal matters he can't attend. so has room reservations for friend.

Well on tuesday i talked to the friend and got contact info for guy with rooms but he suggest contacting friend C and seeing what he as doing since he got a room from the guy with the reservations.

Now as its gotten clser it seams i'm not really looking for room myself but for 2 friends as well.

Now I talked to the guy with the one room. and get a response about how he's not sure if he's going cause of money and such.

and he will not stay in the hotel with one of the two friends.

this is just extremely frustrating.

I don't know why this stuff falls n my shoulders.

For thoose now completely confused a simple chart

I know Friend S.

S knows J1.

J1 has room reservations

I also know K.
K has one of J1's rooms.

Me, S, and J2 are looking for crash space.

K won't room with J2. period.

Me is very frustrated.

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