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A Rant for Single Men - Godai Yuhsaku

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January 24th, 2006

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02:59 am - A Rant for Single Men
Not really, its the name of the Board in this J-Drama I started watching called Densha Otoko.

Its also refered to as The Train Man.


Otaku ends up standing up to a drunk who was harassing girl.
Otaku becomes attempts to shed Ota-dom and persue her.

Its really interesting because while some of the actions are ridiculous. (i.e. a convienence store being stormed by the SWAT team just as he was to enter and buy a needed cell charger.)

Its a matter of the people interacting.

A large part of this is the main character asking from help from a bulliten board. And it shows the people cheering him on offering support. The moving part is they highlight one or two of the posters each episode and shows how the main characters attempt inspires them.

Of course its not all happyness but tends to be and it does tend to evoke emotions.

But thats probably from it hitting close to home.

Though the one thing that has not failed to make me smile is the judicious use of the Star Wars Imperial march, Its one of the last things you would expect to show up.
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