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So you find a flash game.

King of Buttons 2.

And in one of the modes you can unlock secrets by pushing the button so many times.
1st at 300
then 500
then 3000
then 15000 for the final secret.

Now do you simply search for some post with the answer as to what they are?
Do you simply tough it out and press the space bar 15000 times?

or do you do what I do and download a program that automates keystrokes and have it push the space bar 15000 times.


First 2 secrets were wallpapers (which the links to were no good cause of bandwidth)
Then a screensaver (The link was also broken)

And the final big secret that you have to push spacebar 15000 times for?

Yes the link still works.


yay. it sucks but now i know it sucks.

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