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Here is part one of the really really long survey.



• It's about me.

Hi, I'm Paul. If you think this thing looks familiar, it's because there are a few earlier versions floating around, under the name Phred. If you're wondering, Phred is dead.

There are a lot of questions here, as you've probably already noticed. It is not, however, a test: if you've decided to fill this out, it's because you want to. You are perfectly entitled to leave some questions unanswered, to arse about, or to swear a blue streak. But on the other hand, you should also ask yourself why you're responding to this survey.

In any event, I'd be interested to see it once you finish it - feel free to leave a link back here: http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?itemid=8200491 (I promise not to delete my journal this time...) ^_^

This is Version 3.0. A publishing history is included at the end of the survey. If there are any changes or additions you'd like to see, leave a note at the location above. The latest edition of the survey, with HTML codes intact, may be downloaded from http://www.crosswinds.net/~phreddyboy/quiz/phredquiz1.txt and http://www.crosswinds.net/~phreddyboy/quiz/phredquiz2.txt - it's now in two parts, as there is a limit to the size of entries that can be posted into the LiveJournal client.

And yes, I have an underwear fetish.

1. Where did you find this survey? or Who brought it to your attention?

aeire did it and then i decided to do it.

• It's about you.

2. How old are you?

3. What is your gender?

4. What is your country of birth?

5. What country were your parents born in?

6. What is your genealogical makeup (the country of birth of your known ancestors)?

7. What nationality or ethnic group do you identify as belonging to?

8. Has anyone in your family, as far as you know, prepared a family tree?
my dad did

9. If your answer to the previous question was "yes", do you know how far back they have been able to trace?
no i don't know.

10. What language(s) do you speak?
english, a little spanish and japanese

11. Do you speak a different language at home (your present home or when you're with your parents or close relatives) to that you speak "in the street"?

12. How "comfortable" are you using English - for example, do you find it easy reading and responding to this survey (in a purely language-related sense)?
my first language.

13. Are you generally identified In Real Life by the name your parents gave you?
about 1/2 the time.

14. If your parents/siblings heard or saw you identified by the name(s) you are known by on-line, would they know immediately that it was you?
Brother definately. Parents maybe.

15. Would you want your parents or siblings to recognize - or even discover - the "on-line you"?
Parents? NO. brother knows a bit.

16. Would you like to legally change your name?
Not really.

17. If your answer to the previous question was "yes", what's stopping you?

18. Do you have a driver's license?

19. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, what are you licensed to drive (for example: automatic car, motorcycle)?


• Your place.

20. Which continent do you live in?
North America

21. Which country?

22. On average, do you believe the place where you live is too cold, too hot, or just right?
Varies on the minute

23. Name five things that you believe the rest of the world knows best about your country.
Moral Decay
Lazy Workers
Rich people

24. Name five things you believe the rest of the world should know about your country, but probably doesn't.
some of us are ok
we aren't that dumb.
theres a large variety
the tv is decent
and theres alot of fun stuff

25. How aware are you generally of the history that surrounds you where you live - the history of recent settlement, the history of vanished or curtailed civilizations?
only some basic localknowledge

26. Are you aware of any significant historical events that occurred in or near the town in which you live?

The box car derby and alcoholics anonymous were started here. so we get invaded by bikers and alot of other former alcoholics once a year.
and then we get invaded by the large familys with soaped up minivans.

27. Are you homeless, or have you ever been without a permanent place of residence?

28. If you are not currently homeless, what type of residence do you live in now (for example: high-rise unit, detached house, flat)?

rent in a college slum

29. How many other people share this residence with you?
5 others. not counting frequent guests.

30. Do you live with your parents (birth or otherwise) or other genetically-related relatives (other than your children, if any - for example: brother, maternal
I live with my brother.

31. Do any pets share the residence (species and number)?

2 cats

32. If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be?

possibly japan if i could make it.

33. What is your view of the creation of the world?

mix of creationism/evolution. practically straight out of a piers anthony novel .hehe

• My place.

34. Name five things that you know about Australia.
Barrier Reef
Crocodile Dundee
the outback

35. Name five cities in Australia.
don't know any more

36. Name five native Australian animal and/or plant species.
tazmanian devil


37. How many years have you been using the internet?
coming up on 7

38. Do you access the internet primarily for business or pleasure?

39. What's your main access point to the internet (for example: work, home, school)?
all 3

40. What browser do you use to surf the web?
usually ms ie

41. What do you hate about your browser?

42. What are its best features?
being able to look at webpages.

43. Have you ever changed your primary browser? If so, from what, and why?
from netscape to ie. cause of hd space limitations.

44. What is your favourite website?

45. What is your favourite type of website (for example: comics, porn)?

46. Do you or have you ever surfed deliberately looking for pornographic content?

47. What is your favourite search engine?

48. What was the last search that you did?
can't remember.

49. How many times per week, on average, would you use a search engine?
5 times daily

50. Do you use an Instant Messaging system (for example: ICQ, AIM)?
icq, aim, yahoo, msn im

51. If you answered in the affirmative for the previous question, how many people are on your Contact List(s)?
too many to count.

52. How many of those do you know in real life?
maybe a dozen

53. Do you use an on-line e-mail system (for example: Hotmail)?

54. How many active e-mail accounts do you have (those that you use)?
4 or 5

55. How many contacts do you have in your e-mail address book?

56. How many of those do you know in real life?
3 of them

57. Have you ever changed your IM account or dropped an e-mail address deliberately, in order to "hide" from people you no longer wish to associate with, or to avoid a steady influx of spam?
not really.

58. Do you find that you sometimes surf websites - perhaps due to a particular interest - that are written in a language you cannot read (or, perhaps worse, that your browser can't display)?

yep. hit japanese sites alot.

59. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, how frustrating do you find it navigating through those sites to find what you're looking for?



• Your mind.

60. If you know it, what's your IQ?
last reliable test put it at 137 i think

61. Do you believe that IQ tests actually prove anything?
can help show who are good at tests.

62. Do you really love yourself?
mmmmm not sure on that one.

63. Do you even like yourself?
even less sure on this one.

64. If you answered in the negative for the previous question, are there any resons you'd be willing to share why this might be so?
a general poor self image i have.

65. Do you get depressed fairly regularly? Any particular reason?
frequently when life doesn't work out.

66. Have you ever felt suicidal?
yes but not near enough to do anything about it. or from it.

67. Have you ever seriously attempted suicide, or otherwise injured yourself deliberately?

68. What would you say was your biggest personality flaw, as others see you?

69. What would you say is your biggest personality flaw?

don't stand up for myself.

70. Do you think you would be capable, in a different place and time (for example, during wartime) of inflicting pain or possibly death on another person in order to extract information (in other words, to torture someone)?


71. Do you think you would be capable, in a different place and time (for example, during wartime) of inflicting pain or possibly death on another person in order to extract revenge?
not sure.

72. If you were a villain, what kind of villain would you be (for example: Machiavellian schemer, mad doctor, super-powered psycho)?

mad doctor

73. What always makes you smile?
seeing another smile.

74. What's the best moment in your life to date?
no single momment

75. What (or who) has made you happiest in your life to date?
no one really

76. What event made you the saddest in your life to date?
i don't remember it

77. What's more important to you on a day-to-day basis, after work or school are done - spending time with friends or spending time alone?
being alone

78. What physical space (if any) do you escape to when you want to free your mind?

The bathroom with shower running though not necissarily in it.

79. Is there anywhere or anything you find encourages particular creativity in your thoughts - gives you your "best ideas"?

See previous answer.

80. Did or do you attend a boarding school? What is your opinion of that concept?
Um nope.

81. Did or do you attend a single-gender school? What is your opinion of that concept?
nope no opion

82. What was/is your favourite subject in school (other than phys. ed.)?
math /science

83. What was/is your least favourite subject in school (other than phys. ed.)?


84. On the whole, what was/is your opinion of your teachers through your school years?
some can be good but some can be bad.

85. What, if anything, do you feel you [aren't learning/didn't learn] adequately at school?
real life knowledge

86. What, if anything, would you like to have studied at school that you never had the opporunity to do?

87. Do you now regret having chosen one subject over another at school?
at times.

88. Is there anything in particular that you'd like to say, now, to any of your teachers?
i wish i had gotten that psych grad students name and number heh

89. Did you do/are you [doing/considering] a college or university degree? If so, what?
yes I have a B.S. in computer science

90. What is your opinion of academic exams as a method of determining retained knowledge for assessment purposes?
its the best we have to deal with the volume

91. Do/did you do well in an exam-room situation?

92. Do you own a dictionary? Do you use it often?
yes, no.

93. Would you describe yourself as, on the whole, a selfish person?
not entirely.

94. What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?
nope. though i've heard the song.

95. Do you have any addictions? If so, what are they?
anime, webcomics.

96. Do you habitually say "Thank you", even to shop assistants, waiters and other casual acquaintances?

97. Do you have any habits that you're ashamed of, or that annoy you?
can't think of any.

98. If you do have bad habits, what's stopping you from breaking them?
don't realize them.

99. Should toilet paper hang in front or behind the roll?

100. Why did the chicken cross the road?

to get to the other side

101. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

• Your soul.

102. Are you spiritual?

103. What, if any, religious group do you "belong" to?
me, myself, an i

104. What, if any, religious group did your parents "belong" to when you were a child?
none really other then being jewish and catholic

105. Did you [are you] ever rebel against your parents spirituality as a child/teenager?
nothing to rebel against.

106. Do you believe you have a soul and, if so, what do you believe it is?
i think so and its me.

107. Do you believe in an afterlife?
i'll find out eventually.

108. What, above all else, do you believe?

• Your body.

109. How would you describe your height (for example: average, petite)?

110. How would you describe your build (for example: overweight, scrawny)?

111. Would you like to change either of the above two aspects of your physical self?
lower the body fat.

112. Do you know your blood type and, if so, what is it?
O i think

113. Do you, or would you consider, donating blood?
not anymore used to but had bad experiences.

114. What do you think of the concept of being paid for blood donation?
was told by mom if she found out i'd done it she would kill me.

115. What is your opinion on circumcision?
didn't have a choice about it.

116. Are you circumcised (yes, Virginia, females can be circumcised - but, thankfully, on the whole aren't)?


117. What is your opinion on body piercing?
not my bag.

118. What is your opinion on tattoos?
fine for others

119. What is your opinion on other forms of permanent body decoration (for example: scarification, branding)?

120. Do you have a beard or a moustache?

121. What's your opinion of facial hair on males?
its alright

122. What's your opinion of (the act of) shaving?
necissary evil.

123. What is your preferred method of hair removal (if any)?

124. If there was a permanent method of hair removal, would you use it on areas you shave or pluck regularly (if any)?

125. Do you trim or pluck your nostril hairs?

126. Do you trim or pluck the hairs in your ears?

127. Do you pluck or trim your eyebrows?

128. Do you shave your head, or have you ever?

129. Do you shave your pubes, or have you ever?

130. Do you shave most or all of your body hair, or have you ever?

131. Are you bald or losing your hair?

132. If your answer to the previous question was "No", do you expect that you will ultimately lose some or all of your hair due to your genetic background (if known)?

fortunately it doesn't look like i will loose the hair.

133. Any grey hairs yet?
not to my knowledge

134. Would you change gender if there was a "magic", but irreversible, pill available today?
don't think so.

135. Would you change gender if there was a "magic", reversible pill available today?
sure live life on the other side for a bit.

136. Are there any other aspects of your physical self you'd prefer were different?
less fat. more meat. read that however you want to.

END PART ONE. PLEASE DOWNLOAD PART TWO FROM http://www.crosswinds.net/~phreddyboy/quiz/phredquiz2.txt

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