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So i'm going to make another strong attempt at loosing weight.


I could say because I need to loose weight etc.

But to tell the truth I' sort of being forced by my parents.

My dad wrote a lovely letter to me with demands.

Of course it upset me but I ended up talking to mom about it. Thank god I talked to mom. I found out about the email 2 days after he sent it (he mis-spelled the email)

But basically it just requires me to get in a formal diet/exercise regiem.

Where I have to spend 2 hours a day/3 times a week exercising and 2 hours a day looking for work.

Of course looking on line doesn't count. I'm supposed to go out looking for job.

So I figured I would give nutrisystem a try.

Though there is so little information about it. at least easily ready on thier site.

So I bought the package for me.

Nutrisystem is one of those buy our food programs. I decided to try it because unlike the last program I tried, I thought I wouldn't have to plan my meals as much.

Of course after placing the order and looking on thier forums and reading the information I could find.
(I won't get exact details of the plan until I get the food delivered)

I still have to buy food just not as much. Basically fruit some bread products.

Good Points:

Grocery shopping should be easy. (Rolls, juice, fruit, maybe some veggies)
Food is low maintenance (Don't need to refrig, easy cooking in microwave)

Bad Points:

Meals are probably gonna be aking to MREs. (Though thats not too bad, I actually have eaten MREs before)
Support on forums and website seem to be entire based on a person completely differnt to me (looks like its almost entirely female and ages tend to be higher or lower)

But I will see how it is and I'm gonna serious try it. I expect that I will end up cheating eventually, its just a matter of how much and when.

Bonus Point:

The one thing thats a possible happy surprise that I found after signing up.

Teddy bears.

I first noticed on my profile that I could put up a little image of one of a rainbow of bears. When I set the profile I noticed it had a number on the bear.

Well apparently if you make weight goals (10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 pounds lost and make your goal.) they send you a teddy bear.

So with childish glee and my collectors addictiveness, I wish to start my small Rainbow Horde of EVIL TEDDY BEARS!

And in a final pathetic note, One of the first things i edited was to decrease my goal wight just so I would be sure to get the 100 pound bear AND the goal bear and not be missing a bear.

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