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Contest, Part of One.

Ok if we combine my previous couple of posts. It looks like life is gonna get good.

Both health wise and money wise. However I must not get too carried away.

My life right now isn't going to change much other than my own initiative and keeping motivated.

So I figure, I'd do a big incentive in the real world....


Not sure exactly how much of these i will do but i have two down.

Lose 20 lbs and get two paychecks: PSP.

I've been wanting one since i played my friends they are really ellegant. I figure the paycheck will be the longer one

Lose 111 (my NS goal weight) and pay off either discover card or parents:

Area-51® m7700 by alienware.

I'm not sure on the weight part, wither I want it to be the goal weight or maybe at a slightly less at breaking 300 pounds. But the money aspect is definately a hard goal.

This goal is going to be a while of course. (The money portion will be around 10 months to finish)

If I could somehow manage it, i'd love to make this goal in july and have it work as a birthday gift as well.

But until both plans (money and weight) are really started. These are just wishful thinking.

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