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Still alive and shocked

Jobs taking up alot of time. As does various obligations that i will eventaully recuont.

But it does give me spending cash.

Toys I managed to get and a quick view of them

Eldar Scrolls 4: Oblivion
Looks nice though barely played it.

Kingdom Hearts : Chain of memmories(GBA)
ok but silly card strategy game. Made it most of the way through Sora's story.

Perplex City cards. Interesting ARG found at http://www.perplexcity.com
Brain teasers computer programinig and general knowledge oh my.

And finally

Kindgom Hearts 2. (though should be 3 since the GBA but i'm not gonna argue.)
3 1/2 hours and i'm still not out of the opening....OMFGWTFBBQ....

And on a final note. South Beach Diet Wraps from Kraft.
Surprisingly good and they are really just Lunchables for adults.

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