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• Sex and sexuality.

137. How would you describe your sexuality?
straight though non existant

138. What part(s) of the human body do you find most erotically appealing?

139. What part(s) of your body do you most enjoy being stimulated?

140. If applicable, at what age did you lose your virginity?

141. All else being equal, would you be more likely to be attracted to someone who has a rebellious personality, or someone who is more stable?

142. Would you prefer a smoking or nonsmoking partner, or is that irrelevant?
not really relevant.

143. Are you presently in a live-in relationship and, if yes, is this relationship legally recognized where you live?

144. If your answer to question 143 was "yes", are you generally content with this relationship?

145. If your answer to question 143 was "no", would you like to be part of a live-in relationship, and would your preferred relationship be legally recognized where you live?

146. Is your sexuality legally recognized (as opposed to illegal) where you live?

147. Do you have any children (that you're aware of - and no smart comments from any of the women answering this, thank you ;-)?

148. Would you like to have [more] children?
maybe long time in the future.

149. If you're male, have you ever found yourself wondering whether, through accident or in the passion of the moment, you might once have fathered a child (whether born or aborted)?

150. Do you consider yourself sexually adventurous, within the bounds of your self-defined sexuality?


151. Do you masturbate? If yes, how regularly?
yes but i don't keep track

152. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, do you feel "guilty" or "soiled" (apart from the obvious) after masturbating?
until i clean up.

153. Do you believe that masturbation is morally wrong or impure?
no its relaxing

154. Have you ever "willingly" participated in sexual activity that has disturbed or distressed you?
yes though it wasn't much.

155. What's your opinion of consensual sexual activity involving bondage and/or other forms of mild discipline?

156. What's your opinion of consensual sexual activity involving sado-masochistic activity?
don't really like pain

157. Safe sex and contraception aside, what's your opinion of condoms?
they are usefull.

158. If your answer to question 137 was not "bisexual" or "asexual", would you consider either a "fling" or a relationship that did not correspond with your self-defined sexuality (for example, if your answer to that question was "heterosexual", would you consider having sexual relations with a member of your own gender)?
Not a lightly made decision.

159. Have you ever participated in sexual acts (including mutual masturbation) with members of the opposite gender?

160. Have you ever participated in sexual acts (including mutual masturbation) with members of the same gender?

161. Would you be willing to give oral sex (mouth to genitals contact)?

162. Would you be willing to receive oral sex (mouth to genitals contact)?

163. Would you be willing to participate in anal sex (either as active or passive partner, or both)?
don't really think so.

164. Would you consider sex with more than one person at one time?
yes as unlikely as it is.

165. If you are male, have you ever participated in the "soggy biscuit" game (where several males masturbate onto a cracker or similar, and the last to finish must eat it)? Do you wish you had (or wish you hadn't)?
no and wish i didn't know what it was

166. Have you ever seriously considered, however briefly, the possibility of some form of sexual contact with an animal or animals (other than humans, smartarse)?
animal? no. anthropomorphic occasionally.

167. What would be the single most important physical aspect of the act of love-making (sex) from your perspective (in other words, what would you enjoy or appreciate most)?

• Dressed for the occasion.

168. In a perfect world, would you wear clothes at all?
at times yes.

169. What word (or words) do you generally use when referring to underwear (for example: underpants, knickers)?

underwear, shorts.

170. Boxers, briefs or something else again?

171. If you wear underwear, what colours, fabrics and styles do you prefer wearing?
white cotton

172. Do you own and wear underwear designed for the other gender?

173. Do you buy underwear that's comfortable and does the job, or underwear that looks good?

174. Could the style (and wear) of a causual sex partner's underwear cause you to reconsider your desire to have sex with them?
not sure

175. Would you consider selling your used underwear in an internet auction?

176. If you answered "Yes" or "Maybe" to the previous question, would you "customize" on request?

177. Would you consider exchanging underwear with a sex partner if asked?

178. Why do the tags on women's underpants often include a chest measurement, even though they're sold as single, unmatched items?
who knows

179. Artificial or natural fibres?

180. If you were given US$2000 (or the local equivalent) and told to spend it as you pleased, what proportion would you spend on clothes or accessories and, of those purchases (if any), what would you buy?
little on clothing.

181. Generally speaking, what do you wear in bed?

182. Do you prefer a quilt/doona/comforter/ whatever-you-call-those-bags-of-feathers-or-polyester-filling-where-you-live, or blankets?

183. Do you use an electric blanket in winter?
nope have a heated water bed

184. Do you usually wear socks?
i have to when i wear shoes. sweaty feet.

185. What type of footwear do you prefer, given a choice?

186. Do you blow your nose on tissues, handkerchiefs or your sleeves?
blow it into the air.

187. Do you wear eyesight aids (glasses, contact lenses)?
sorta. used to wear glasses but don't really need them.

188. If your answer to the previous question was "Yes", and it was financially or logistically possible, would you have laser surgery to correct your eyesight? (Or have you?)

i can't get the surgery eye sight is too good.

189. Do you wear sunglasses at night?

190. Do you prefer to carry your money in a wallet, purse or your pocket?

191. Do you generally carry a handbag, shoulder bag, bumbag, backpack or similar?

192. What items would you never leave home without?
wallet keys,

193. In cold weather, do you generally overdress, underdress or dress appropriately?
underdress but have natural padding.

194. On a really hot day at home, what would you probably be wearing, and what would you most likely be doing?
nothing on, in room, on the computer.

195. Do you regularly wear sunscreen in summer?
if i am out for a long time.

196. Do you prefer to tan or stay out of the sun?
out of the sun.

197. What do you find more appealing in a (potential naturally-pale) partner, tanned skin or untanned?

198. Do you think "tan lines" left by sunbathing in a bikini or speedos are sexy?
not really.

199. What particular outfit in your wardrobe gives you the most pleasure to wear?
my work slacks.

200. In order, first being most important, what three categories of clothing do you gain the most pleasure from wearing?

201. What outfit or article of clothing do you find most erotically appealing?
t-shirt with nothing else.

202. Have you ever been to a nudist colony or clothing-optional beach?

203. When you're travelling or going on holiday, are there any items that you consistently forget to take along?

• Everyone needs a hobby.

204. Other than surfing the internet and answering pointless questionnaires, name (up to) five hobbies that you enjoy.
foam fighting.

205. Given a choice between indulging in a hobby and participating in sport (team or solo), which would you plumb for?

206. Are you a sporty type of person?
not usually.

207. Do you enjoy watching sports (live or broadcast) and, if so, what sports do you particularly enjoy?
its alright. though don't enjoy any one particullarly.

208. What's your opinion of horse racing as a sport?
its alright

209. Do you think that sports reporting is really "news"?

210. Do you visit a gym regularly, or otherwise work out?
not really.

211. If your answer to the previous question was "yes", for what purpose?

212. What's the most important factor to you in regard to your favourite hobbies?

213. Do you treat yourself to a new toy every so often?
perhaps too often

214. What, for you, constitutes a desirable toy?
something unusual.

215. What are you most likely to receive as a birthday or Christmas (or similar) present from your family members?

216. What are you most likely to receive as a birthday or Christmas (or similar) present from your friends?

217. What's your opinion on penguins?
beware them...Doobie doobie dooooo

218. Do you fear the penguin?

219. Do you understand the previous question?
i think so.

• Stuffing your face.

220. What's your favourite cuisine (for example: Chinese, Greek, French, Nouvelle)?

221. What's your least favourite cuisine?

222. What do you never want to eat again?
cooked veggies

223. What do you wish you'd never tasted in the first place?
head cheese/

224. What known foodstuff would you never consider eating?

225. If you identify as carnivorous or omnivorous, what animals eaten by humans (possibly in other countries) would you definitely not eat (examples include horse, rat, dog, pig)? Why?
dog, rat, horse. just seam wrong.

226. Butter or margarine?

227. White or wholemeal bread?

228. What's your favourite fast food?

229. Do you prefer cakes, pastries or cookies/biscuits?

230. What is your preferred snack?
ice cream sandwhich.

• Working for the man.

231. Are you presently employed? If so, what field do you work in?
yes. software engineer in multimedia field.

232. If you didn't have to have a bank account, would you choose to do so?
checking account.

233. Are you more likely to save or spend?

234. Do you have any particular weaknesses that you'll spend money on frequently, even though you know you probably shouldn't (for example: chocolate, shoes, prostitutes, books)?
anime and gimmicky toys.

235. What is your preferred method of paying bills (for example: cash, direct debit)?
credit card and direct payment.

236. When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

an inventor

237. What would you most like to do with the rest of your life, in terms of employment?
make stuff

238. What's stopping you?

239. If you had a guaranteed, no-strings-attached income for life, such that you were no longer obliged to work for a living, how would you spend your time?
go to college.
and again

240. Do you do voluntary work within the community?

241. If you won US$10 million in a lottery, what proportion (if any) would you genuinely give to charity?
maybe 1 %

242. If you won US$10 million in a lottery, what proportion (if any) would you keep for yourself, to spend and/or save?
most of it.

243. If you won first prize in a lottery, would you choose to remain anonymous or to be identified?

probably identifeid but regret it.

244. If you had the money and there was one accessible to you, would you gamble in a casino and, if your answer is yes, what games would you play?
yes, slots.

245. How important are money and material wealth to you, really?

• Colourblind.

246. What colour are your eyes?

247. What colour is your hair (naturally and now)?
generally dark brown to black

248. Given freedom of choice and practicality, what colour would you prefer your eyes and your hair to be?
no real change

249. What colour hair and eyes would you prefer your partner(s) to have, or is that issue totally irrelevant?
blue and blue. but not really important//

250. What colour are the walls of your bedroom?

251. What colour would you prefer them to be?

252. Do you have a particular preference for a certain colour (or colours) in your clothing?
blue and black

253. Do you know why I spell "colour" with a "u"? Do you care?
its brittish/australian spelling/

• Entertain me.

254. What do you have on the walls of your favourite room?
will have anime wall scrolls eventually.

255. If you could have a reproduction of any artwork to display in your room, what would you choose?
probably some rumiko takahashi art.

256. Have you ever made your own home movies?
don't remember any.

257. Do home movies of you as a child exist?
don't think so.

258. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, do they show you naked and [were they/do you anticipate that they will be] shown at your 21st birthday party?

259. Who is your favourite film director?
mel brooks

260. Would you prefer to go to the movies or to a play/live-action musical?
no pref

261. Have you ever been to (or performed in) live, professional theatre?

262. Have you ever been to (or performed in) live, amateur theatre?

263. Do you even like live theatre?

264. If you could go to see any performance of any play or musical anywhere in the world (it doesn't have to be current), what would you choose to see?
starlight express on broadway.

265. If you could go to see any band (current or former) performing live, what would it be?

266. Given your pick of musical instruments and free tuition, what (if any) instrument would you choose to learn?

267. Have you ever felt a desire to perform on a stage in public?

268. Have you ever suffered "stage fright" when called upon to perform or make a presentation in public?

269. If granted the opportunity, would you agree to act in a film, and if so would you prefer a major or minor role?

270. Does the idea of directing a play or film appeal to you and, if so, what genre would you be most interested in working within?
not really.

271. Do you voluntarily attend museums and art galleries? If so, how often?
yes though not offten

272. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, what are your favourite institutions, and your favourite exhibit(s)?
science museums

• Survival strategies.

273. Could you live for twelve months in a house without electricity?

274. Could you live in a house without running water, if there was a well or other water source one mile away?
not easily.

275. The Big Brother television concept is reasonably well-known internationally: would you like to be a contestant on the programme?

276. Assuming you woke up one morning and discovered that you were a contestant on Big Brother. how do you think you would cope, and at what point do you think you would be voted off?
probably voted off early cause of general appearance. but would deal with it by books.


277. Five years ago, did you expect your life to be much as it is now?

278. What about ten years ago?

279. Twenty years ago, personal computers were comparatively rare and extremely primitive by today's standards. If you were alive and capable of independent thought that long ago, did you even remotely imagine the impact these machines would have on our lives now?

280. When did you first have regular access to a computer, and what did you primarily use it for?
bbs' and games in 90 or so

281. What is your opinion of cloning?

282. What do you think about genetically modified foods?
no opinion

283. Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence is possible and, if so, what timeframe do you envisage it will require before computers are capable of original thought on a par with humans?
it is possible

284. Do you believe that most domestic chores will one day be performed by robots or androids?

285. Do you think a cyborg - a human with functioning mechanical parts over and above "basic" medical replacements - will ever be a reality?
its already happened

286. What message would you like to leave your children (let us for the moment assume that you have, or will have, some), when they reach the age you are now?

an photo album

287. If you could place three items (any size) into a time capsule to be opened in the Gregorian year 2500 (current Gregorian year = 2001), what would they be?
a computer
an encyclopedia.
an anime dvd

288. If your ancestors had placed three items (any size) into a time capsule 150 years ago to be opened by you today, what would you hope to find?
a piece of art.
and more books.

289. If you could travel back in time to visit your ancestors in the year 1901, what would you tell them?

290. If you could travel back in time to visit your ancestors in the year 1950, what would you tell them?

291. If you could travel back to any point in time to communicate with any of your ancestors (ancestor-finding and language-translation software included), what period would you return to and why?
not sure

292. If you could prevent one single historical event from happening, what would it be?

293. If you nominated an event for the previous question, what do you imagine the present-day consequences of your action would be?

294. Assuming for the moment that both events were to happen to you at some point, what piece of music (if any) would you like played at (a) your wedding and (b) your funeral?
i'm a believer. seasons..

295. After you die, how would you like your body to be disposed of (for example: buried, cremated)?

296. Would you want flowers at your funeral?


297. How would you like to be remembered after your death?
as a good intelligant person

298. How do you think you will be remembered after your death?
as an annoying git.

299. What kind of memorial, if any, would you prefer was placed over your remains (or placed as a permanent marker of your life, as appropriate)?
He lived life to the fullest.

300. Assuming for the moment that you choose to have your death marked by a gravestone or plaque, what message (if any) would you like to be displayed there?
here lies Godai. He went and did it.

301. If you were to make a will at this point, would the bulk of your estate be left to friends, family members or charities (or other causes)?


302. Now that you've done this survey, what's your opinion of Paul/Phred (other than that he has an underwear fetish, which we've already [un]covered)?

*shrug* same as before.

303. Why did you do this survey?

cause it was there.


Version 1.0 issued 11:04 AM 23 July 2001 Eastern Australian Time in my LiveJournal.

Version 1.1 uploaded 8:52 AM 24 July 2001 - replaced Question 152 (which duplicated another question), removed a set of examples from one question that was confusing people, and added Questions 184 through 191 as an addendum. Made the .TXT file available from my website.

Version 2.0 uploaded 28 July 2001 - Added 40 new questions, distributed these and the eight questions previously added as an addenda through the quiz. Fine-tuned the wording of a few questions. Changed the numbering of most questions to return them to numerical order. Feel free to hate me.

Version 3.0 uploaded 4:44 PM 05 August 2001 - Added 73 new questions and, as before, distributed them through the survey. Deleted one question, incorporating it into the body of another to which it referred. Changed the introductory comments, and added the "Entertain me" subsection to part D. Provided a new "comments" link, as the original has been deleted. Divided the quiz into two parts to facilitate use in the LiveJournal upload client.

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