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Ok I'm open to many a things but this is just redonkulous - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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September 20th, 2006

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06:57 pm - Ok I'm open to many a things but this is just redonkulous
Someone posted to customer sucks about
a guy at a newage shop getting prosecuted for "fairy dusting" two people and them accusing him of assault. And he was "forced" to plead guilty.

This of course has little to do with that, but this shop in Virginia has various new age classes.
Including stuff like Witchcraft 101.

So I looked at thier calendar and noticed something.

Most of the classes have fees. which is all fine. You can sign up for this 13 session course on witchcraft for $130. I understand that things cost money and people should be compensated.

But there are two courses listed. Well technically 3 but one doesn't have a price listed.

Basically a 5 hour session on Reiki. haven't looked into exactly what it involve but you can apparently become a "Certified Reiki I Practioner" by attending a 5 hour seminar.

Here's the thing. The cost for the Reiki II and Reiki II classes?
$255 and $355.Each of the courses is 5 hours long.

It seams a bit excessive.... Can any of the more metaphysical people on my FL explain why these courses would be so excessive?
Other then you know trying to make a buck.

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Date:September 21st, 2006 10:00 pm (UTC)
it's really only people wanting to make a buck. New Age crap is a cash cow. People will buy anything that's not regulated by the FDA and claimed to cure anything from AIDS to zits. The certifications mean nothing, and in the end it's nothing more than a sort of spiritualistic amway. The keyword here is Pyramid Scheme. Which is two words, but so is "bull shit".

If you'd like, you can make yourself a certified whateverist with Photoshop and some fancy paper. I hear color laser printers are pretty cheap, nowadays. Then you can become a certified instructor, string some hippy concepts together into a cult-like pamphlet, and sell your services to idiots willing to pay half a G to get the next best thing to Shirley MacLane's urine.


I'm such a cynic.

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