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Pardon me but FUCK GANTZ - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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December 21st, 2006

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01:24 am - Pardon me but FUCK GANTZ
Inside the cut I will be ranting about a violent anime that i speant probably 80 bucks on in the past two days and have finished it. I'm not exactly happy about it.

Ok first of the back.

Music wise. Art wise. Gantz is a great movie done by Gonzo. Love the character design.
The girls were nice (of course over inflated boobs, but thats nothing new)

You can buy the dvds as two season sets that run about 40 each. there's 10 dvds and it was annoying that the first season had 2 episodes on a dvd. Had I been buying the dvds individually, i woulda been pissed..... Actually no, I wouldn't of been buying them.
But you know they are there to make money thats fine.

now my problems:

Rewinds, plot holes, and time jumps. If an episode ends you can expect the time to rewind almost 5 minutes and what took place may or may not have taken place.

a comercial? might rewind 2 minutes then have different effects.

i've seen a transition from shot A to B to C in a couple of seconds and in each shot the charcter was wielding a different weapon. Backgrounds change.

Hell in one episode a priest dies and the action moves on to fight a totally different monster. We go to comercial and were back to the priest dieing. Its like they needed to stretch out the episode more.

of course thats unrealistic since even though this is 2 seasons for a total of 26 episodes.
There are only 4 maybe 5 "REAL episodes"

How? Think Dragonball Z, Naruto, or Bleach. the 4 Real episodes are the missions that Gantz sends the charcters on.

There's so much unneccisary filler stuff to plot that characters didn't seam to even develop much.

Now after I watched the first season and it piqued my interest as it followed a love triangle of the three main characters. So I start the second season which looked interesting from the pre-view as it looked like it expanded the characters and cast.

Second season comes around. triangle sort of becomes a rectangle as the "Third mission" starts.

Guess what, by the time the end of the Third mission roles around, every fucking main character is killed off except for one. Our anti-hero.

At that point i'm a little ticked since of course the deaths were senseless.

so here i am with like 7 episodes left in the series and there's one main character left.

Hey I knokw lets have the final mission. The missions target? OH its our main character.

and so the mission goes on and woops, killed everyone again except for the main character.

And well damn, we just end the series there.

No closure. no resolution. Just blankness.

Itts utter bull shit and makes me hate myself for not downloading the dang series.
Current Mood: angryangry

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Date:December 21st, 2006 10:27 am (UTC)
I got bootlegs of it last time I was in Toronto, well for season one, so it was only $10 US but I downloaded season 2 sight unseens. I got thru season 1 and was mildly interested, but kept finding myself 'lost' in the plot and gave up. I burned season 2 to disc when I cleaned up my hard drive but I never got back to it, maybe I should just use the cds as coasters.

I was extremely pissed in a similar way with gunslinger girls -it just ended. I was livid.

I share your anime pain.

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