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So when i get bored, i search the web.

And one of the funny spots is always the local craigslist.

So here is a person posting in the misc romance section. First line is complaining how they don't have a "genderqueer" choice. (They have m4m, m4f, f4f, f4m.)

So this person is looking for friends to hang out with, not sex. They are in a poly relationship with a M2F and the poster is considering becoming a F2M.

Of course she (because she is female) then proceeds to say "NO CHEATERS. NO STRAIGHT MEN. NO DICK PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Its not like I intended to post a reply to them, but am I wrong to say there is a hypocracy there. A person complaining that her created gender (not sure how to refer to "genderqueer") and stating that they aren't looking to have sex.

And to close with such a blatent disregard to a group of people based on a generic label?

Maybe its just that I consider myself a straight man. And had she said No men, I probably wouldn't of made the post, since you know thats her preference.

But yeesh. Of course it could just be the time.


if anyone was curious as she posted a pic, and I swear she looks familiar.

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