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July 3rd, 2007

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02:53 pm - OMG Banzzor'd
I guess one might call me traditional or conservative when it comes to gender roles but wow.

Person makes a post about an unidentified manga series. And how a male fanfic writer wrote a story where the females took care of the House care/cleaning/cooking. And thus thee author is portrayed in a negative light by the tone of the post.

So silly me I ask, if there is nothing pointing to either way as to whose job it is canon-wise, then what is the issue?

This recieeved me a nice reply stating how my only goal is to start some unneccisary argument. and then ban me from posting on the journal.

This just pisses me off with flashbacks to my english comp teacher. When asked to give our first opinion paper it was on feminism and ant-feminism. Now mind you our grade was supposed to be based not on content but form.

I made moderate argument that strong versions of either camp are wrong. That some middle ground must be found.

I got a D and dropped the class.

For 2 reasons, one, we.were going to be writing about working the entire semester. and 2 on that first paper she pointed out how my section on strong anti-feminism being wrong and saying I was right. But then saying how I was entirely off-base on my argument about strong feminism.

This is what drives me crazy. I ask why the original poster is offended or upset with an authors choice and i'm effectively slapped and told my opinion doesn't matter because of what I believe.
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