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Another year.

Well i'm older but not necissarily wiser, blah blah blah.

I'll try to post about the upcoming fun i'm going through and update on stuff like the vacation I just got back from. (I was on a cruise :) )

But for now since i've just caught up on my email (1300 with maybe 20 being non-spam) and got a wonderful reply about my last post. Of course since the person who banned me banned me and when they posted a reply to my post, they deleted thier reply so I just got the email.

I shall just discuss it here

Why do people discuss?

Why do people argue?

Why do people stir up shit?

Are they the same reasons?

And can you do one without the other?

How can you understand a persons point of view without finding the motivations?

I ask questions. As this post shows too many at times. Ever person's belief is different and this isn't even touching on religious belief. We are governed to an extent by our past.

The more ingrained something is the stronger the belief in it.

So now we have a fanfic. By definition its a story in another authors world.

If I write a discworld story, will it match up to Terry Pratchett's vision?

Probably not, it may come close. I may make it fit but then again it may conflict with some story which he wrote but not published.

This is usually shown by a story being declared cannoical, of course being cannon is limited to the original author or with thier permision.

But wait we are talking about fanfics which are almost never cannoical.

Now here we have a generic society which a fanfic author has made patriarical.

But the fanfic critic says there's no reason for the fanfic author to assume its patriarical.

So I ask what reason is there for the reverse assumption of a matriarical or evenly based society. Has the author of the original universe voiced on this topic?

This is the flow of my reasoning. But then i'm told that my questions are just shit. And because I am questioning thier statement, I am attacking them. And that because I'm just some random person who's a friend of a friend, i'm not worth debating.
And that I just pop out of nowhere even though we've been on each others friends list for oh probably 2 years at this point.

That sort of attitude pisses me off. People learn from discussing ideas. People can expand thier minds my trying to understand another persons point of view. My mind works better with deltas. I know my beliefs. So I try to find how other people's differ.

I believe that an opinion is never wrong. However if you try to pass that opinion off as a fact. well thats when it can become "wrong".

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