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Week in review

Well this week hasn't exactly been fun.

Started out on monday by rear-ending a guy. No one was hurt and i couldn't even tell any real damage on his car but he was all going on about how he had just had so much work done to his car so we got the police filed a report .

I ended up getting cited. so i'm $131 dollars poorer but i don' have to worry about anything coming back to haunt me.

Then I spent the week dealing with a sillly project at work and handn't gotten nearly as much done as i wanted.

But i'm starting to make headway though.

Brief nice point on thursday.

We now have a mortal kombat II machine a work. Its interesting having it there.

But its been overcast y y funk i guess.

his happens every so often to me.
Things are going along ok. not too good not too bad and my emotions just take a dump.

Though its probably just from my bein unable to saying anything definitive.

I'd like to ask some people some things.

But the answers would be harsh, even if they are positive but its unlikely that they would be positive.

And So I keep quiet leaving the questions unanswered.

I never can seam to place my emotions/feelings over anothers.

ince te few times i have i've mde a fool of myself.

Well I probably should get up and about so i can head home to brunstucky and visit the parents.

later all

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