Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

Matsuricon report

Well I went down to Dublin, oh for Matsuri con. Not really to see any guests or such but to see people i only get to see at cons.

We got there after reg closed so didn't register til saturday but it wasn't really an issue.

Because we have con mojo and know most of the people running the event.

I actually spent most of friday night sitting at the now closed registration desk working on Ohayocon registration stuff.

This was fine since most of my friends walked by and was able to talk to them.

Though I did put up a sign that says "I am not conventions staff. Thank you."

On Saturday I checked out the dealers room.

And ummm was rather disappointed. One dealer had 4 commercial manga. One dealer only had thier own self-published manga. And one dealer had 3 anime dvds for sale (and a box of live action Japanese Porn.)

So yes there was physically more Live Action Porn for sale then anime dvds.

Though I ended up buying a couple of things.

A decorative bow and arrows which i'm gonna see if i can salvage for dagorhir use.

And more impressively a Spaaceship Yamato model.


I can tell you it looks cool as hell buts a bitch to get everything put together.

But it was nice to have a change of view and I managed to get all the ohayocon registration confirmations sent out. So my slacker ass has started to catch up on stuff i needed to do.

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