Godai Yuhsaku (godai) wrote,
Godai Yuhsaku

I'm not entirely that political but....

This is just sad.

Now if you watch all the footage the guy is a little bit wacko.

In that he starts saying how they are going to kill him.

But honestly even though he asked the questions with emotion, I can't see this as inciting a riot.

I'm even tempted to write the Kerry campaign about it.



Basically a student? was taken down at a Kerry Q&A after asking why
1. Kerry gave up so quickly with the 2004 election.
2. Why if he felt so strong about not invading Iran why he isn't calling for the impeachment of bush.
3. whether he belonged to the skull & bones secret society with bush.

And i swear s&B is the least secret secret society i know of.

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