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Frustrated, killing myself (sorta) and various stress update.


First off the killing myself isn't anything consciously.
Now its considered normal if a person stops breathing when asleep, up to 5 times every hour.

Beyond that its sleep apnea. Now if you stop breathing around 75 times / hour its considered severe.

Now I recently had a sleep study done. I am at 120 times. Yep every 30 seconds I stop breathing.

My blood oxygen levels drop from the normal 99% to 75%. People get oxygen masks when they hit 80%.

Of course this isn't surprising to me. And during the sleep study they put me on a CPAP machine. Basically it adds pressure to keep the throat passage open. And the number dropped to 3/hour.

So they ordered me my own machine and apparently its tricked out where it doesn't just pump air in, it pumps heated and moistened air.

Now once I loose weight it will probably go away in like 6 months or so.

But it has gotten worse as of late and of course explains two things.

1. My mooing/snoaring. Its a side effect of the apnea.

2. My complete and utter lack of energy.

Getting to work and coming homing takes almost all my energy as of late.

But combine that with me taking the nutritional class until the start of december. Then the convention kicking into high gear. And of course the holidays.

I ended up disappearing from almost all my friends.

Not sure when i'm going to be able to just hang out at this point. I may find myself with enough energy to make it to games and i'm looking forward for the warmer weather camp outs to happen.

The actual surgery process is actually moving along. My info and all sorta junk has been submitted to the insurance, and we are waiting on that for now.

Oh another side affect of the apnea as of late. Especially since i'm still getting over a cold.

Is insomnia. Well just a general not falling asleep.

Hence why i'm writing tis at 6 am and i haven't slept. meh

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