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Well, this comming tuesday it will be 3 weeks post op.

I've got the checkup on monday with the surgeon. And the short term will end next monday unless the dr. says i should take longer, which I doubt though i wonder if he will extend it to the end of next week but oh well.

So what have I accomplished?

Leveled my paladin to 64 heh.
I should also have all of my Warhammer 40k figures made. (they are mostly assembled at the momments.)

Laundry is mostly done though i still have a few loads.

Then its a matter of cleaning.

As for weight i've lost around 25 pounds since the operation and am at just under 370 pounds.

The incisions have pretty much been reduced to 2 small scabs.

Oh and puree'd diets suck. I am so looking forward to getting back to real food.
But i've a week more of the puree'd foods.

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