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11 Things I've learned after a gastric bypass.... - Godai Yuhsaku

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April 5th, 2008

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06:11 am - 11 Things I've learned after a gastric bypass....

1. Bread is EVIL. I haven't found a bun, bread, or wrap that hasn't upset my stomach to the point of me not being able to finish or throwing up.

Though taco bells cheesy beef burrito seams partially immune as does the pretzel bagel from the salad place i go to. Though the bagel acted up on wednesday.

2. Open surgery incisions take a long time to heal. Its still a tender area and still have scabs.

3. You definately need to buy new belts. I'm on my last belt hole and its not enough. i can actually pull the belt tight about 6-7 inches past the last hole.

4. Must resist weighing too often. Because it will still flucuate and it may still go up.

5. Shit smells. Ever go to the bathroom then refer to it as pure unadulterated evil.... yep its now very common.

6. Technocolor shit as well. No longer just in shades of brown. i've had emo black to pine tree green.

7. Other people are more interested in your weight loss then you are. If someone hears you had the procedure be ready for them to ask you every intimate detail. (Some people I have no problem doing this with, but does my sister-in-law's father's girlfriend really need to know the specifics)

8. Every single person you meet will know "someone" who had the surgery. Now if I am talking to you and you say a family member or if you say "John B" and I have met John B this is fine.

But Knowing telling me that you know "Jessica's cousins' roomate's sister" had a similar operation...... what's that make us? "Nothing, absolutely Nothing"

9. Grape juice is a god-send. You pretty much have to dilute juices because they contain so much natural sugar. However grape juice when diluted 2 parts to 1 part water tastes almost exactly the same as "uncut" juice.

10. Either i'm lucky as all hell and/or I have little to no pain receptors. I've had almost no pain unless i'm pushing on the incision site ("Doctor, it hurts when I do that." "So don't do that....") And ive not had to take any of the liquid tylenol they gave me for pain.

11. Even though i'm still only down 42 pounds since the surgery, it was worth it and I'm doing my best to make this be a new start for me.
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Date:April 6th, 2008 01:31 pm (UTC)
woah 7 miles? sweet! we just found there's bike/hike trail right down the street I guess it's technically boston heights. Supposedly it's pretty flat, but I haven't gone there yet, I hadn't been able to ride around the old Brooklyn apartment parking lot without wanting to die. Now with some girth loss and stamina, gonna fix the brakes today and see if I can handle our development with the hills.

I guess there's a bike/hike trail in peninsula, too, that runs along the cuyahoga valley train line.

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