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No this isn't about my love life.


I didn't feel like doing actual work and my site has been sitting unworked on for over a month.

i don't know how i still got a few hundered hits. heh

but i wanted to try doing something with director not work related.

and since there is a monstrocity out there in the comic world.

I decided to do something about it.

For thoose who aren't familiar with the online comic community and such.

damonk does a strip called Framed!

He is currently doing a major crossover entitled the Great Framed Escape.

Put simply.


hehe in the past month over 50 comics have been pulled into the crossover.

It litterally is as if the walls of comics are crashing.

And the story line looks like a bowl of pasta (since i can't spell speghetti right)

So i'm trying to make something that will help me. and eventually other people follow it easier.

Of course for ease of myself i'm not going to try and have it be updated every night.

I'm just trying to catch up on the month that happens.

Heh great work damonk. and i'll email you a better pic of myself this weekend.

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