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81st floor

My boss had friends and family working in the wtc hence the office got no work done yesterday.

Her brother was in one of the smaller towers and evacuated when the first plane hit and was near the base of the towers when the second one hit.

He managed to get away with non-life threatening injuries.

More amazing was she had friends who work on the 81st floor of the first building.

She was worried as to if they were there, since they were unaccounted for all of yesterday.

She found out last night that they were on the 81st floor when the plane hit the first building.

They survived cause the explosions went up instead of down and that they were on the far side of the building.

They ran like hell.

Not 5 minutes after running the 81 floors and getting away from the building it came down.

They were pelted by the rubble and debris but managed to get away.

God this is still so scary. Why do i keep hearing rodney king.

Can't we all just get along?

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