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The joys of technophiles

Found another benefit of working with technophiles.

Cool toys for less money.

For some reason i got an itch to look at powerbooks today.

Maybe its the fact that its a computer made with titanium. meaning its harder for me to break.

like my last laptop.

Unfortunately it looks like i have to save up $2500 to get one that i can live with.

The annoying thing is i will have that much on hand this friday......

but i need to send money to credit cards and such.

Of course what will i do with a powerbook. thats simple.


in other words digital video.

I've tried it on my pc before and things just get bogged down.

So the plan is to save up for the power book with a 20 gig drive and buy an external 80 gig drive through firewire.

But talking to coworkers i found out goodness.

We have tons of Adobe Premier liscences. So i'm stealing cds tonight to take home and install.

I'm taking home Premiere 5.1. after affects 4 and photoshop 6.

all for pc and while its not premiere 6 and after affects 5 they are free.

plus boss said something along the lines of "it is not a hard argument to make to say 'Well i want to learn premier might as well get the latest version'"
in otherwords if i really wanted to go with this i could get the company to buy an upgrade to premier 6.

Not going to take up on that offer yet as i don't know how well i could stick to video editing.

I've already started reorganizing my computer to clear up some of the crap and bad installs on my drives.

Why do i want to do video stuff?

Because its fun and i can do AMV's. woohoo.

I'm just happy for pirating goodness. :)

Only bad part is my installing frenzy will have to wait. Going out to dinner with indigoskynet, takami826, buffalo77, and possibly blackwidow3000.

At what is suspected to be a good chinese place.

We shall see. Hopefully i won't lose track of time or get lost.

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