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Heh i'm in the army now - Godai Yuhsaku

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September 21st, 2001

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11:43 am - Heh i'm in the army now
Yes I am now know as

Second Lieutenant Junior Grade of Porno Web Sites, Master Godai Yuhsaku


Master Friar of Making Cheerleaders Squeal, Godai Yuhsaku

heh funny site thanks to aeire

Site is found here

Some of my other titles

Paladin of Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, Godai S. Yuhsaku IX

Umpire of Your Dad, Godai Yuhsaku XVIII

Drag Queen of Poon Appreciation, Godai Dean Yuhsaku

Bailiff of The Divison For Investigating Mice, Monsieur Godai Yuhsaku

Superintendent of Bitch Slaps, Godai Gerry Yuhsaku

Fuhrer of Naughty Bits, Godai Yuhsaku
Current Mood: sillysilly

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Date:September 21st, 2001 09:16 am (UTC)

How's this one?

This one is kinda cool:

Mega Bard of The Breast Appreciation Society, MC James Octothorpe Malerich

Admittedly, I don't think I'd ever be in the "breast appreciation society," but I still got a chuckle out of it!

Date:September 21st, 2001 12:11 pm (UTC)

The new titles for......ME!

Acting Sorcerer of All Things Not Pertaining to Boxes Of Animal Crackers, Señor Letharius Evermore VI

Mecha-Paladin of The Association for the Promotion of Potted Meat Food Products, Letharius Evermore

The Guy In Charge of Prague, Letharius Evermore, Esq.

God of Raping and Pillaging, Dusk Letharius Evermore

The Guy In Charge of Invincible Sand Castles, Dusk Letharius Evermore

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