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Tests, survey, etc from maboo and others - Godai Yuhsaku — LiveJournal

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September 26th, 2001

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10:43 am - Tests, survey, etc from maboo and others
GTA Test

Goth 20%
Trendy 25%
Alternative 60%

Conclusion: Quite how you can be both trendy and alternative at the same time it's difficult to see, but, if the test is actually working properly (hah!), then you may be one of those popular kinds of people who pretend to be stupid just so they can cope with the inanity of their peers.

Rocky Horror Char Select

# 1 Brad
# 2 the Criminologist
# 3 Dr. Scott
# 4 Janet
# 5 Riff-Raff
# 6 Frank N. Furter
# 7 Eddie
# 8 Rocky
# 9 Magenta
# 10 Columbia

No big surprise there

Celtic Animal Birth Sign

Date of Birth: July 8 – August 4
Animal: Cat
Gaelic Name: Kati (Approximate pronunciation: ka-Chi.)
Ruling Planet: Earth
Key Words: Creative, Sensual, Nobility
Gift Quality or Ability: Cat people have a strong sense of personal
integrity and a firm set of values. Loyal and trustworthy. Deep devotion
to family. Affectionate. Protection, shape shifting and sensitivity to the
other world.
Birth Stone: Red Carnelian
Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of owl and bear. Will
also relate well to the signs of the crane, bee, and swan. Difficulties
may be expected in relation to all other signs.

Your Place on the Medicine Wheel?


Birth dates: 21 June - 21 July.

Earth influence: The Long Days Time.
Influencing wind: South Winds. Totem: Mouse. Direction: South-south-east.
Predominant element: Water.
Elemental clan: Frog (Water) Clan. Function: to merge.
Birth and animal totem: Woodpecker.
Plant totem: Wild rose.
Mineral totem: Rose quartz.
Polarity totem: Goose.
Affinity colour: Rose.
Musical vibration: F natural.
Personality: Emotional. Sensitive. Protective. Vulnerable.
Feelings: Maternal/Paternal. Romantic.
Intention: Devotion.
Nature: Exacting.
Positive traits: Imaginative. Tender. Thrifty. Sympathetic.
Negative traits: Possessive. Moody. Unforgiving.
Sex-drive: Needful.
Compatibilities: Snakes, Wolves and Beavers.
Conscious aim: Emotional unfoldment.
Subconscious desire: Timeliness.
Life-path: Assimilation.
I Ching trigram: Tui. Lake.Desire for contentment.
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates.
Must cultivate: Intuitiveness. Resourcefulness. Forgiveness.
Must avoid: Self-pity. Envy. Possessiveness.
Starting totems: Woodpecker. Mouse. Frog. Wild rose. Rose quartz. Goose

Simpsons Character Selector

# 1 Dr. Hibbert
# 2 Principal Skinner
# 3 Apu
# 4 Chief Wiggum
# 5 Lionel Hutz
# 6 Lisa
# 7 Reverend Lovejoy
# 8 Krusty the Klown
# 9 Milhouse
# 10 Mayor Quimby
# 11 Moe
# 12 Ned Flanders
# 13 Smithers
# 14 Marge
# 15 Maggie
# 16 Troy McClure
# 17 Barney
# 18 Fat Tony
# 19 Grandpa
# 20 Patty or Selma
# 21 Mr. Burns
# 22 Sideshow Bob
# 23 Bart
# 24 Nelson
# 25 Homer
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