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Gah, I've been here at work for an hour.

After getting here at the ungodly hour of 1 in the afternoon and I still can't wait to leave.

A workplace is not good if no one wants to be there and they aren't getting enough benefits to overcome the dislike.

I've worked here for 2 years basically part time as i finished up school.

Most of that time was programming and tech support for $6 an hour. (Less then my friend the stock boy at Toys R Us)

Then we had a consultant come in tell us how things were going to get better.

Though I did get a raise to $11 an hour. We were later told that there were going to be no xmas bonus because of the way consultants handled the planning.

So now I make $11 an hour which is good for a part time job. But i couldn't handle this full time. I could be full time but I can't seam to get myself up and into the office.

Because everything that goes on here is bullshit. I can't even look forward to it getting better. The acting head of programming who has been here like 8-9 years still only makes $15 an hour.

Here I am with a Computer Science degree being told by teachers "Your crazy to work for under $40K." and friends "You should be making big money with your computer degree." and it pisses me off.

And all theese problems can pretty much stem from the fact that I don't want to move and I don't want to lie or use my uncles name to get me a job.

Well there was a gap of about 30 minutes there. The building just had a bomb threat/fire alarm pulled so go out and be in the sun for a bit.

Then came in and one of my recruiters called me.
I didn't get a position at the company 8 blocks from my house.
I came accross as TOO nervous.

As my coworker said I should of told him "FUCK YOU, Who ISN'T nervous at an interview." God I guess I just have to see what the next interview brings.

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