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Anime cons spoil me.

So I am going to be visiting my parents new place in Port Richie, FL (near Tampa) and was looking for something to do for the 2 weeks I will be down there.

Of course there is no anime con, but I did find a Sci-Fi con.

Then I looked at the price.

Either $54 for weekend $36 for single day and then $30 each for autographs from Christopher Llyod and Michael Shanks. Oh and any seat at events will be in rows 11+.

Or $159 for both autographs, weekend admission and Seat in Row 2-10 with the "Gold" admission.

Oh and that is only pre-sell. $20 for any of the other bonus guests signatures.

Think I'm just gonna pass.

I have a free Disney 1 day ticket that I will use and will probably hit up Universal/Nick studio on another day.

Anyone know anything fun and on the geeky side? I'm not big on bar scenes and with the recent surgery I'm not sure about soaking fresh scars in sand and salt water.
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