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So Last week my power supply blew.

I ended up picking up a new power supply from best buy and then the next day bought a slightly larger case from Microcenter. (I believe over heating was part of the cause the power supply went tits up).

While at Microcenter I attempted to purchase a 120mm fan that they had on display.

The fan had a POV LED that showed the temperature. (That's persistence of vision, basically light spells out the temp and it looks pretty neat.)

This is the second time i've tried buying the fan. They were out. and apparently have been out of them for 2+ years. I asked if they'd sell the display and the guy was like, "Do you really want a fan thats been running non stop for 2+ years?" After looking on line i'm tempted to go back and say yes because I can't find a place to buy the darn things.

Also picked up a Nintendo 3DS this weekend. Bought the Ghost Recon, Street fighter and the new Kingdom hearts game. (KH is a ds not a 3ds game)

It's gimmicky but ok so far. though battery life is a bit meh.

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