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I never claimed to make sense.


I'm constantly amused at the fact that the music i love to listen to

E-rotic, Sex Appeal, Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Happy Hardcore,

For Example my current play list:

A New Found Glory - Never Ending Story Theme Song.mp3
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix - BUS STOP - SWING IT (1).mp3
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix - Never Ending Story.mp3
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix - Oops! I Did It Again (Fired Up Mix).mp3
DDR 5th mix Era (DJ unF Mix).mp3
DDR 5th Mix - DXY.mp3
DDR 5th Mix - E-Rotic - Test My Best.mp3
DDR 5th Mix - electro tuned (the subs mix).mp3
DDR 5th mix - Healing Vision.mp3
DDR 5th Mix - RE-VENGE - JAPAN.mp3
DDR 5th Mix - Smile.dk - Dancing All Alone.MP3
DDR-5th-Afronova Primeval.mp3
DMX - Party Up In Here.mp3
English - Para² Paradise - Love Again Tonight.mp3
Happy Hardcore - Gompie - Who The Fuck Is Alice (Wonderland rave mix).mp3
Para Para Paradise-Cherry-Yesterday (Full).mp3
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Butterflies.mp3
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Everybody On The Floor.mp3

Almost entirely Dance/Techno/Trance/Whatever you want to call it.

And i can't dance. I've been on a club dance floor once.

I danced for about a minute after some friends pulled me on and pushed me towards some random girl.

I ran.

My triumphant return to a club 4 years later by myself proved even less results.
Didn't talk to anyone really and never stepped on the dance floor.

Closest i've come is the occasional DDR.

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